Working with influencers is a great way to tap into an existing audience to empower your brand message. It’s a winning tactic for companies of all sizes, with 67 percent of marketers engaging with influencers for promotion, according to Influencer Marketing Hub. Even small businesses with limited catchment areas have the potential to grow by working with local influencers.

Even if you’re based in Arizona, there’s certainly no shortage of talent worthy of your consideration. If you’re running an influencer discovery search for your next marketing campaign, here are 10 Arizona Instagram influencers worth checking out.

1. Jessica Nigri (@jessicanigri)

Arizona is home to international cosplay sensation Jessica Nigri. The young model is famous for her skills with a hot glue gun and her even hotter photo shoots (warning, many would be considered not safe for work). She makes her own costumes, masterfully recreating character styles from video games and animations. Her main Instagram account has 3.9 million followers. She has a secondary account with 474,000 followers where she shares behind-the-scenes moments and more personal photographs.

2. Julian Camarena (@juliancamarena)

Julian Camarena is a singer and music producer who also knows a thing or two about social media. His Instagram account has 1.2 million followers. They regularly check in to see his promotional pics and more candid snaps. He has worked on brand deals with companies such as Shamrock Farms, KOIOS Beverages and Nickelodeon.

3. Alexander Pinkevich (@thefazeadapt)

Alexander, better known as FaZe Adapt, is a professional gamer and a member of the FaZe Clan eSports team. He uses Instagram to share promotions, photo shoots and fun videos with his over 2.1 million followers. However, he’s even more popular on YouTube, where he has a following of 5.6 million subscribers. Not bad for someone still in his early 20s.

4. Jenny Strebe (@theconfessionsofahairstylist)

Want to know how to achieve the hottest new celebrity hairstyle? Ever wondered how to give your ponytail a cool twist? Jenny Strebe has all the answers. The professional hairstylist posts quick, easy tutorials and inspirational images on her feed, which over 468,000 fans enjoy. She’s also the brains behind AIIR Professional, the first ever crystal-infused haircare product range.

5. Jagger Eaton (@jaggereaton)

Age really is only a number when it comes to becoming an influential presence on Instagram. Jagger Eaton developed a loyal following of 233,000 fans on the platform after gaining recognition as a professional skateboarder when he was a child. He’s now a two-time X Games medalist.

6. Donjay (@donjay)

Instagram is the perfect platform for showcasing photography, and Arizona is the perfect subject matter. Donjay knows this well, as he fills his Instagram feed with stunning desert landscapes and beautiful blue skies. The photographer and musician has over 110,000 followers.

7. Alicia Coates (@alicia_coates_)

Alicia Coates uses Instagram as a way to inspire and educate by posting her workout routines and training advice. The personal trainer and nutritionist is an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) pro and brand ambassador for Evogen. She knows what she’s talking about, and her inspirational content has garnered an audience of more than 183,000 people.

8. Josh Dolin (@roundworld)

When Josh Dolin was five years old, he started selling lemonade door to door. Fast forward to 2019 and he’s a business guru and global growth advisor who’s worked with over 700 companies. He’s a published author and the founder of multiple digital marketing companies.

Dolin’s busy schedule doesn’t leave much time for social media. Regardless, over time his Instagram feed has become an international patchwork of the places he travels to. He has over 75,000 followers.

9. Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella)

Nikki Bella is one half of the Bella Twins, former WWE stars who rocked the ring. Despite retiring from wrestling, Nikki has no intention of leaving the limelight — or her Instagram feed with over 8.6 million followers. She stars with her sister, Brie, in the reality television series Total Bellas, and with various industry professionals she has co-founded:

  • Birdiebee: A lifestyle brand of active and leisure wear
  • Nicole + Brizee: A line of beauty and hair care products
  • Belle Radici: A wine celebrating a love of the earth

10. Brie Bella (@thebriebella)

We could hardly put Nikki Bella on the list and leave off Brie. Whenever one is making headlines, the other is never far away. The twins have worked together on numerous products, and both boast large audiences on social media. Brie has over 7.2 million Instagram followers.

Finding Influencers with IZEAx Discovery

Arizona deserts may be dry, but the state’s well of talent runs deep. There are countless influencers making names for themselves, and the success stories in this list are just the start. With so many influencers to consider working with, it helps to use some influencer discovery tools to make sure you find the perfect partner.

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