In Washington state, there are more than 7,000 Instagram beauty influencers with as many as 5 million followers, according to Relatable. That’s an incredible amount of talent you may want to work with on your next influencer marketing campaign. However, that many options also makes influencer discovery more difficult as it takes longer to find the right person for your brand. To make your search easier, here are 10 of the top beauty Instagram influencers from Washington state you need to know about.

1. Carolyn Yuen Marino (@carolynyuenmarino)

Carolyn Yuen Marino is the creator of the Hey Pretty Thing blog, which celebrates all the pretty things in life. That includes style, travel, home and beauty. Carolyn is very active on Instagram where she shares cute new looks and beauty tips. She’s partnered with brands such as Dove and has over 21,700 followers. As if that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she also created Sweet and Power, a comedy-drama web series about four Asian American women.

2. Rebecca Shores (@rebeccakshores)

Rebecca Shores is a Seattle-based makeup artist who seeks to inspire and educate with colors. She has “an artist’s approach to life” and that’s evident in the images she shares on Instagram. Her 28,300 followers enjoy a steady stream of vibrant eye makeup styles interspersed with delicate line art and beautiful nature photography. If you want to know how to recreate the looks for yourself, she shares many step-by-step guides on her blog.

3. Taylor Wynn (@taylorwynn)

With beautiful, glossy black hair and immaculate eye makeup, Taylor Wynn has a look that’s definitely winning. The lifestyle and beauty vlogger has her own YouTube channel with over 785,000 followers. She posts frequent content on Instagram, showcasing her latest looks and providing top tips for more than 158,000 followers. She’s partnered with numerous brands, including Briogeo Hair Care.

4. Reanne (@the.master.aesthetician)

While many beauty influencers provide makeup tutorials and review new cosmetic products, Reanne takes a different approach. As a licensed master aesthetician, she provides science-backed skincare advice to over 52,000 Instagram followers. There’s room for a bit of fun as well, with humorous quotes that help to raise a smile.

5. Katya Barradas (@katyabarradas)

With just over 2,100 Instagram followers, Katya Barradas is still a micro-influencer. The good thing about influencers of this scale is they often have strong engagement with their followers. Her feed comprises plenty of selfies and motivational pictures charting her weight loss journey.

6. Tia Hassell (@tiahassell)

Tia Hassell has a bold, elegant style that has earned her over 27,200 followers on Instagram. She is even more successful on YouTube, where she has 82,300 subscribers thanks to her fantastic hair and makeup tutorials. YouTube is a good place to host tutorials as the visual format easily transmits information that might be misconstrued in written instructions.

7. Life of Aani (@lifeofaani)

Aani is a Seattle blogger who, in her own words, offers “a brown girl flair to West Coast style.” Like many influencers on Instagram, beauty is just one facet of the content she creates. She also covers fashion and lifestyle. She has over 63,800 Instagram followers and has partnered with brands such as Anko USA and Motif Photos.

8. Raw Beauty Kristi (@rawbeautykristi)

Makeup artist Kristi uses Instagram to showcase her talents with a makeup brush and to promote her YouTube channel. Her aim is to provide honest product reviews and useful makeup tutorials with a sense of humor and a bit of potty mouth. It’s an approach that has helped her develop an audience of more than 396,000 people on Instagram and 803,000 people on YouTube. Part of what makes her so popular and relatable is the way she always keeps things real. She isn’t afraid to say it how it is and is completely fearless about letting the world see her when the makeup comes off.

9. Katie Saccomanno (@kittysnack)

Katie Saccomanno, better known as Kittysnack, knows how to rock an alternative, emo style, and she’s happy to share tips with fans. What makes this young beauty influencer so exciting is her promotion of 100 percent cruelty-free beauty. She has amassed over 8,900 Instagram followers, and she has more than 33,100 subscribers on her YouTube account.

10. Judy Travis (@itsjudytime)

Judy Travis is the most successful influencer on this list, and possibly the hardest working. She has managed to turn every aspect of her life into content for her ever-growing social media empire. She makes daily YouTube vlogs, has a dedicated YouTube beauty channel, maintains several Instagram accounts, engages with fans on Facebook and Snapchat and has her own blog. Her beauty channel, called It’s Judy Time, has over 1.32 million subscribers. She provides supplemental content on her Instagram account, where she has another 866,000 followers.

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