California is home to Hollywood, but while some people seek fame on the big screen there are many content creators hitting the big time online. Influencers are people who know how to engage with audiences through fun and informative content. As such, they offer an exciting way for marketers to extend their brand reach. A simple influencer discovery search reveals hundreds of influencers in California, but here are 10 of the best.

1. Alisha Marie (@alisha)

When it comes to the type of content she creates, Alisha Marie wears a lot of hats (fortunately, she looks great in hats). Her YouTube channel features pranks, DIYs, room decor, lifestyle, fashion and beauty. The diverse mix is obviously working, because she has an audience in excess of 8.22 million subscribers. She also has an Instagram account with over 3.9 million followers.

2. Lauren Riihimaki (@laurdiy)

Lauren Riihimaki really knows how to work social media to engage with her audience on a variety of subjects. The LA-based lifestyle influencer loves all things creative, using Instagram and YouTube to share her love of DIY, beauty and fashion. She has 5.1 million followers on Instagram and over 9 million subscribers on YouTube. She also runs a second Instagram account dedicated to shooting her friends on film, which has 44,300 followers. Even her dog has an Instagram account boasting over 889,000 followers.

3. Niki Demar (@niki)

Niki Demar says she’s “always dreaming,” but surely most of her dreams have become a reality. She a successful content creator with over 3.7 million followers on Instagram and 2.38 million subscribers on YouTube. She also teams up with her “opposite twin” sister to form the musical duo Niki and Gabi. They have over 9 million fans on YouTube.

4. Tyler Oakley (@tyleroakley)

Influencers are often inspirational, and Tyler Oakley is a prime example. As a YouTuber, actor and author he uses his platform to tackle social issues and pursue LGBTQ+ activism. Over 7.39 million subscribers are tuning in to his YouTube channel, which features LGBTQ+ content, celebrity team-ups, interviews, silly challenges and much more. On Instagram he has another 5.9 million followers.

5. Josh Leyva (@thejoshleyva)

Josh Leyva has put his beach-ready body and good looks to use on social media, drawing an audience of 537,000 Instagram followers. He has over 2 million subs on YouTube, where he vlogs and creates comedy sketches, and he hosts a podcast with fellow influencer Oscar Miranda. Josh has partnered with big brands such as McDonalds and is a brand ambassador “mixologist” for Xtend recovery supplement.

6. Oscar Miranda (@oscarmiranda)

Oscar Miranda is Josh Leyva’s co-host on the I’ll Do It Later podcast and the owner of Sweet Nate’s Desserts. He’s also made a name for himself on social media as a lifestyle influencer and comedian. He has over 647,000 followers on Instagram and 129,000 subscribers on YouTube. He’s an ambassador for American Airlines and has partnered with various brands, including Clamato, Jack in the Box and Sparkling Ice.

7. Sierra Furtado (@sierrafurtado)

Sierra Furtado is a fun-loving influencer sharing her passion for fitness and fashion with her fans on social media. Her Instagram feed comprises a steady stream of photographs featuring cute outfits and stunning locations. This feel-good fare has struck a chord, and she now has over 1.7 million followers. An additional 959,000 people subscribe to her YouTube vlog. She partners with several huge beauty and fashion brands, including Neutrogena, Coppertone USA and Pantene.

8. Alex Centomo (@alexcentomo)

Alex Centomo is a lifestyle influencer who uses social media to share all aspects of her personal life. In 2019, the big news was her pregnancy, and over 1 million Instagram followers got to share the excitement of the gender reveal. (She’s having a boy!) Alex is also the host of “The Poorly Planned Podcast,” with new episodes coming out every Monday. She’s worked with brands such as Loving Tan, Bacardi, Hawaiian Tropic and Fabletics.

9. Nastassia Johnson (@letmeeatcake)

For foodies, Nastassia Johnson’s Instagram account is heaven. The marketing consultant and sweets expert claims cake is her “love language.” If the images she posts are anything to go by, it’s no surprise. Wherever she is in the world, there’s always new cakes and sweet treats to try, and she shares her experiences with over 87,000 followers.

10. Zipporah Bermudez (@zipporahb)

There’s no shortage of fashion influencers in and around LA, and they aren’t all size zero. Zipporah Bermudez is a plus size model who uses social media to share her passion for fashion while promoting body positivity. She has over 25,900 followers on Instagram and has partnered with brands such as nuuly and No7 USA.

Final Thought: Going for Gold

As it stretches over 900 miles and incorporates LA and San Francisco, California is home to many influencers. Fields such as lifestyle, fashion and beauty are particularly competitive. With so many influencers, finding the right ones for your campaign isn’t easy, which is why it pays to use influencer discovery tools. By registering with IZEAx Discovery you gain access to a large marketplace of 100 percent opt-in content creators and influencers. Join today and discover Californian influencers to help you hit marketing gold in the Golden State.