If you’re in the market for beauty, fashion or lifestyle influencers, you’re spoiled for choice. Finding good DIY and craft influencers is slightly trickier as it’s more of a niche market. Things only get harder when you restrict yourself to a specific location such as Denver. Here are five top DIY and craft Instagram influencers from Denver to help kickstart your influencer discovery search.

1. Cara Newhart (@neverskipbrunch)

Cara Newhart is better known by the Instagram handle @neverskipbrunch. She moved to The Woodlands, Texas, late in 2019, but was previously a Denver resident. Fitting in an extra meal certainly seems like good advice if her fantastic DIY ideas are the result of a healthy appetite. The self-titled DIY queen, home curator and maker wants to empower her 26,400 followers to “DIY big.” Her feed is a constant stream of beautiful and inspirational interior design hacks and top tips.

Cara has enough influence to be in demand with numerous brands, and she’s run paid promotions for the likes of Vietri. As if being a hit on social media wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she also has a blog and her own shop for handmade and curated products. How does she ever have time for brunch?

2. Laura Funk (@laurat_funk)

Laura Funk is the brains behind We Got the Funk, a lifestyle and parenting blog packed with advice on cooking, crafting and mental health. Laura has embraced Instagram as a way to engage with her fans and keeps it real by showing her real life in “picture perfect chaos.” Much of the content relates to the renovation of her own property, and the various trials and tribulations involved. This isn’t a feed of beautifully structured professional photo shoots; it’s a rallying cry to other parents to “make the best out of the chaos.”

By staying real and relatable, Laura has earned a following of more than 13,300 fans. She’s also managed to work with several brands, including BabbleBoxx, Kidde Fire Safety and noosa yoghurt.

3. Censie Sawyer (@censiej)

For many families, crafting and DIY are parts of everyday life, so it’s not surprising many DIY influencers are also parenting and lifestyle influencers. Such is the case with Censie Sawyer, a mom and wife who runs the Building Our Story blog. The blog is a fantastic resource for craft projects, parenting hacks and family recipes; and there’s some fashion and travel thrown in for good measure. Censie (“said like Kenzie”) uses Instagram to further her brand reach and engage with over 13,100 fans. If you want to know how to make a thankful pumpkin, a hand scrub, Halloween costumes or games to amuse the kids, this is the place for you.

Censie values “experiences over things,” but that hasn’t stopped her partnering with several brands. She has worked on promotions for BabbleBoxx, Leap Frog, DriveShop and ECOVACS USA. She’s been featured on Good Morning America, Fox21 News and Buzzfeed.

4. Craft Boner (@craftboner)

Kiwi Schloffel had the idea for the unusually named Craft Boner in 2012, after having difficulty finding a birthday card for a friend. She needed a creative outlet so started a craft blog that eventually evolved into an Etsy store. The store, in turn, became her own brand of “potty mouth” products. If you’re interested in paper goods, funny slogans and hand lettering, you’re sure to find something you like on her Instagram feed. Just be warned, whatever you do find will probably have a swear word (or two) on it.

Kiwi’s no-nonsense approach to seizing life and having fun has attracted over 17,500 followers on Instagram. She also has over 600 followers on her personal account, where she shares aspects of her private life.

5. Upstairs Circus (@upstairscircus)

Upstairs Circus is a unique type of workshop where the owners serve up inspiration by the glass. With two locations in Denver, plus spots in Austin, Dallas and Minneapolis, this workshop and bar brand is a growing concern. The idea is simple: Visitors get an opportunity to learn a new craft or skill over a few friendly drinks, with all materials and professional tutoring included.

The Upstairs Circus Instagram page is a great place to get some inspiration for a new project. Visitors have an opportunity to share their creations on the feed, and there’s always something new and interesting to motivate craft enthusiasts to grab their tools.

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