In influencer marketing, micro Facebook influencers are generally defined as those that have anywhere from about 1,000 to 100,000 followers on the social media platform. Micro influencers typically focus on topics that appeal to niche markets, and their followers find their content to be valuable and relevant to their interests.

One key benefit of partnering with micro influencers is they tend to have higher rates of engagement. Their followers engage with them more than the followers of macro or mega influencers do. That’s because they feel a deeper connection with influencers through their shared interests in niche topics.

The small size of the micro influencer’s audience creates a sense of community and trust. Another benefit of their smaller audience size is that it typically also makes it less expensive for brands to partner with micro influencers. Here are some of the top micro Facebook influencers for brands and marketers to know:

Brianne Manz, Stroller in the City/NYC Family Life Influencer

Mommy blogger Brianne Manz has close to 15,000 followers on Facebook that are drawn to her New York City-centric family-oriented posts. Posts cover topics like her family’s visit to the newly renovated Empire State Building and staying fit with a hectic schedule. Manz has partnered with brands including the real estate company Prevu on sponsored content. As the former owner of a fashion showroom, Manz also blogs about fashion and travel.

Jeremy Foster/Travel Freak, Travel Influencer

With 18,000 followers on Facebook, Washington, D.C.-based Jeremy Foster is a full-time travel blogger and photographer. Foster goes by the name Travel Freak on social media and his blog. He posts photos and videos of his adventures in destinations ranging from Oahu to Munich.

Foster has been featured in publications including National Geographic, Vanity Fair and the New York Times. His website features reviews of travel products, destination pieces and travel tips.

Liz Williams/LizLizLive, Fashion and Beauty Influencer

U.K.-based beauty and style micro influencer Liz Williams known as LizLizLive on social media has nearly 28,000 followers on Facebook. Williams’ content features makeup, hair, fashion and fitness tips and product reviews, much of which is created for women of color.

Molly Burke, Accessibility and Diversity Influencer

With 43,000 followers on Facebook, Molly Burke is an author, model and motivational speaker. Burke is also blind and began losing her sight at the age of four due to the retinal disease retinitis pigmentosa. Her Facebook account includes photos and videos of her appearances and experiences, such as when she went figure skating with Olympian Adam Ripon.

Burke has been the face of Dove’s ad campaign and has also partnered with the United Nations Foundation and companies including Samsung and Audible. She has been featured in publications including People, Allure, Variety, The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Ben Uyeda, DIY Influencer

Ben Uyeda’s followers are the kind of people who want to know how to make things like bent plywood lounge chairs or skull-shaped pizza ovens themselves. And the Boston-based Uyeda shows his 16,000 followers on Facebook how to do just that.

Uyeda’s company, HomeMade Modern, develops DIY designs for sturdy, affordable modern furnishings using sustainable materials. He’s an advocate of affordable design and has partnered with MINI to promote the first all-electric MINI.

Wendy Ida, Baby Boomer Fitness Influencer

A quick glance at fitness influencers found on social media could easily lead you to believe that they’re all millennials or members of Gen Z. But nothing could be further from the truth.

With more than 35,000 followers on Facebook, Wendy Ida is a fitness trainer and a personal coach who also happens to be 67 years old. She’s also a best-selling author and a motivational speaker. Her Facebook feed includes videos of her workouts and stretching routines. She also shares healthy recipes and motivational quotes.

Ida has been featured on CNN, Inside Edition and the Dr. Oz Show and in publications including Essence Magazine. She’s been a Guinness World Record twice and won eight awards as a National Fitness Champion.

Melissa Belanger/Simply Whisked, Dairy-free Influencer

With close to 7,000 followers on Facebook, Melissa Belanger is a dairy-free blogger and influencer. She posts videos of dairy-free recipes she creates for treats like hot fudge sauce and dishes like buffalo-chicken meatballs and creamy zucchini basil soup. Belanger has been featured in media outlets including Good Housekeeping, Real Simple and BuzzFeed. She also offers dairy-free recipes, tips, meal plans and grocery lists on her Simply Whisked site.

Discovering Micro Facebook Influencers

There’s no shortage of micro influencers for brands to partner with on Facebook. They specialize in content about a wide variety of interests, ranging from accessibility and diversity to DIY projects and travel and everything in between.

When you’ve determined the best target market for your product, there is likely to be an excellent selection of micro Facebook influencers for you to choose from. Whether your promotion needs niche content about food, fashion, travel, beauty, parenting or something completely different, top micro Facebook influencers can fit the bill.

Their audiences will mirror your target markets, and your partnership with them can help you grow brand awareness, website traffic, engagement, leads and sales. Brands and marketers can find more influencers like this at IZEAx Discovery.