Pinterest offers a platform for people to share vivid photographs and captivating videos to attract audience members to their content. Pinterest users rise to influencer status with their consistent content — called pins — that’s targeted at a specific audience. Pins are organized into boards by topic to help users narrow their searches to find what they’re interested in. Take a look at five of the top health boards created by Pinterest influencers.

1. ENERGY Boosting Exercises + Healthy Recipes

  • Followers: 3,621,522
  • Pins: 25,308
  • Board Owner: nutritiontwin. The Nutrition Twins have 1.7 million monthly viewers across their 52 boards that focus on health and wellness. The twins, Tammy Lakatos Shames and Lyssie Lakatos, are registered dieticians, personal trainers and authors of three weight loss books.
  • Description: “This board includes our favorite fitness exercises + routines; our healthy, easy recipes to fuel your day, as well as pre- and post-workout recipes, weight loss recipes, healthy appetizers, side dishes, weeknight dinners, weekday lunches, desserts, party food, smoothies + detox drinks. We include inspirational quotes and interesting health tips here too.”
  • What You’ll Find Here: nutritiontwin uses the ENERGY Boosting Exercises + Healthy Recipes board to combine the power of fitness with eating right. You’ll find recipes that help you lose weight, increase your brainpower and burn belly fat. The board focuses primarily on healthy recipes, but also pinned are exercises for increasing your energy level, toning abs and more.

2. Motivation

  • Followers: 751,971
  • Pins: 15,461
  • Board Owner: fitbottomedgirl. Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour are certified fitness professionals who create Fit Bottomed Girls, which has two million monthly viewers on Pinterest. The two friends started blogging in 2008 out of a desire for a fun, innovative, no-diet approach to fitness. Since then they’ve been named among The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness by Greatist in 2016 and 2017. In 2018 and 2019, Healthline listed them as one of the best healthy living bloggers.
  • Description: “Get pumped to be healthy — and a better you!”
  • What You’ll Find Here: Mental health is an essential component of physical and emotional health. In this board, Fit Bottomed Girls post pins to their motivational podcasts and inspirational quotes. You’ll learn more about how to release negative emotions, use intuitive eating over dieting and relieve tension through exercise and yoga.

3. Workout Plans

  • Followers: 3,364,670
  • Pins: 2,710
  • Board Owner: nutritionexpert. Nationally recognized nutrition and fitness expert Mitzi Dulan creates this board from her Pinterest account Mitzi Dulan – America’s Nutrition Expert. She has 423K monthly viewers across her more than 50 Pinterest boards. Mitzi appears regularly on the major television networks and writes for US News and World Report’s Eat + Run blog.
  • Description: “This board includes the best fat burning workouts that you can do with as little as 10 minutes. I pin my favorite clean eating recipes that are fun and delicious. I also pin inspirational quotes on this board.”
  • What You’ll Find Here: Workout Plans focuses heavily on healthy eating while adding a variety of workouts. You’ll find eye-pleasing recipes for maintaining proper nutrition, especially soups and salads as well as protein snacks and healthy meal choices.

4. Fit, Strong, Healthy: Invincible

  • Followers: 3,321,982
  • Pins: 259
  • Board Owner: FitStrongHealthy. This Pinterest account formerly called Dr. Pepper Pint changed its name to Fit, Strong, Healthy: Invincible. It creates this popular board by the same name. FitStrongHealthy has 3.3 million followers and offers a variety of boards both related and unrelated to health and fitness.
  • Description: “The world tells me to be skinny … but instead, I fight to be FIT, STRONG, and HEALTHY!”
  • What You’ll Find Here: Follow this board to find ways to firm your stomach and be motivated to stay fit. Pins include full bodyweight workouts you can do at home and low impact workouts. Inspirational quotes, exercise routines and tutorials are also included.

5. Nutrition

  • Followers: 36,059
  • Pins: 74
  • Board Owner: randaderkson. Randa Derkson creates and promotes everyday, healthy recipes on her blog The Bewitchin’ Kitchen and through social media. Her Pinterest account The Bewitchin’ Kitchen by Randa Derkson has 4.3 million monthly viewers across 117 boards. She’s considered a culinary nutrition expert and offers herself as a brand ambassador.
  • Description: “All the best recipes and meal plans for promoting healthy eating and nutrition.”
  • What You’ll Find Here: Here you’ll find recipes for gluten-free snacks, weight-loss breakfasts and low carb meals. Randa also pins shopping lists, meal plans, healthy ingredient substitutions, tips to getting kids to eat healthy and more.

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