Miami is all about hot beaches, hot hangouts and hot fashions. It’s a Mecca for socialites who want to kick back with cocktails and catch some rays between visits to all of the best foodie joints and happening bars. Naturally, there are plenty of influencers soaking up the scene and sharing every aspect of Miami life with their loyal fans.

Danie Gomez-Ortigoza

Danie is a fashion influencer who believes “in the power of intentions and in fashion as a reflection of the self.” She loves writing, so it’s not surprising she has her own website where she maintains a thoughtful journal. She has 27,300 followers on Instagram.

Aja, like Asia

Aja is a creative blogger and jewelry designer who runs two Instagram feeds. She uses a personal feed to share lifestyle photographs with over 2,800 followers, and a second feed to showcase her beautiful handmade jewelry.

Ria Michelle

Miami is at the forefront of fashion, and Ria Michelle is a successful influencer who knows how to dress to impress. She shares photographs covering fashion, lifestyle and travel with 24,800 followers on Instagram, using self-branded hashtags such as #livelikeria to stay connected with fans.

Maria Tettamanti

Maria is a digital influencer and writer with 28,300 followers on Instagram. She’s better known as “The Wordy Girl,” which is the name of the website where she blogs about fashion, beauty and travel. As if that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she’s also a journalist for The Miami Herald, and regularly appears on the Home Shopping Network.

Damaris Lopez

Damaris claims to be “model by day, marketing guru by night.” Her Instagram feed, which has 213,000 followers, is a mix of stunning photographs of Damaris in hot locations and motivational quotes.

Annie Vazquez

Annie Vazquez is an award-winning blogger and journalist who has been featured in Vogue and Marie Claire. Her main focus is on body positivity, healthy eating, fashion and travel, and she has 83,700 Instagram followers.

Iesha Mariee

If what you’re looking for is a feed comprising beautiful women posing in beautiful Miami locations, then look no further. Iesha Mariee’s Instragram, which has 526,000 followers, has plenty of selfies and swimsuit shoots.

Claudia Sampedro

Claudia Sampedro is a fitness and travel influencer with over 1 million followers on Instagram. She’s made the most of her physique by partnering with brands such as Oh Polly and PrettyLittleThing.

Kelly Saks

As a Miami native who’s fluent in fashion, Kelly Saks uses her Instagram feed to showcase designer clothes in stunning locations for 29,500 followers. She works as a personal stylist and has made appearances on NBC.

Cameron Shayne

If you need a little more motivation in your life, Cameron Shayne is your man. He’s the founder of Miami’s Budoken Mixed Movement Arts University, and a self-described “conscious cosmonaut” and “social philosopher.” Her has over 56,800 followers on Instagram.

Anthony Mendez

Miami beaches are a great incentive to tone up your beach body, and Anthony Mendez is here to provide some extra motivation. The founder of Mendez Fitness has over 197,000 Instagram followers regularly checking his feed for top tips and exercise routines.

Cyn Lagos

While many influencers spend their time in front of the camera, Cyn Lagos prefers to stay off-screen and lets her vivid snapshots of Miami take center stage. The street photographer is a Google Pixel ambassador, and she has over 38,700 followers on Instagram.

Angeles Almuna

Angeles (like LA) Almuna doesn’t have as many Instagram followers as some other people on this list, but that doesn’t make her any less a trend setter. The Zoe Report featured the artist and stylist as one of “The New Icons” changing the way we dress right now.

Dr. Stefanie Cohen

She may be a doctor, but you won’t see Stefanie Cohen in a white lab coat. The ripped athlete is a fitness, science and lifestyle guru who founded Hybrid Performance Method in Miami. She shares tips and scientific principles with 673,000 Instagram followers and 67,000 YouTube subscribers.

Luis Medal

Luis Medal is a fitness influencer who’s “just a guy on a mission to make the world a healthier place.” He has 64,100 followers on Instagram. 

Diana / FollowDee

Diana is a fashion and lifestyle influencer with 107,000 followers on Instagram. She uses her own website to help generate a following, presenting new visitors with an opportunity to subscriber to her newsletter as soon as they hit the landing page. This is a good technique for generating leads.

Starr Hawkins

Better known as Babymommafit, Starr Hawkins is a single mom who understands the difficulties of staying fit while living life. She’s developed the “Babymomma Method,” a fitness technique involving minimal equipment that you can do anywhere while involving the kids. She shares her tips with over 27,300 Instagram fans. 

Kattya Heredia

Peruvian fashion influencer Kattya Heredia fills her Instagram feed with sultry seflies and fashion inspiration, with the occasional inspirational quote thrown in. Her star power on social media has created opportunities to partner with companies such as HAIRtamin and She has amassed over 201,000 followers on Instagram.

Nikki Pepper

“Body architect” Nikki Pepper has a fun Instagram feed that combines fashion photoshoots, candid lifestyle snaps and footage of her crushing workout routines and competitions. She has 12,300 followers.

Cari Garcia

Had enough of hot hunks and beach babes? Check out Cari Garcia’s feed instead. It’s a foodie haven, packed with colorful snaps of some of the most delicious foods Miami has to offer. The mouthwatering treats on display make for an eye-catching collection of images, and over 90,000 followers are hungry for more.

Final Thought: Reaching Out to Miami Influencers

Miami is the place to be for sun-loving fun-loving influencers who want to spread a message of body positivity, healthy living and bold fashion statements. The wealth of talented individuals, both in front of and behind the camera, means that any advertiser interested in Miami influencers is spoiled for choice. The content creators listed here represent a small sample of the talent on offer, ranging from influencers with millions of followers to those with niche fan bases. 

If you think you might be interested in partnering with some of these content creators for your next marketing campaign, reach out now. Don’t wait until your campaign is ready to roll to make introductions. Follow the influencers who interest you, comment on their work and show a genuine interest in what they’re up to. Keep in mind that popular influencers may get dozens of offers every month, and they’re more likely to work with authentic brands that appreciate their work. To find more Miami locals, join an influencer marketing platform, which brings together creators and marketers so it’s easier to get your campaign off the ground.