If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere applies to New York influencers, too. It’s not so easy being an influencer in Manhattan. After all, New York City has more fashion, foodie, tech, design and lifestyle experts per square block than practically anywhere else in the world. For example, in New York City alone, more than 5,000 fashion showrooms and 75 major trade shows take place there every year to cater to countless top designers. On the other hand, it’s the best place for a serious fashion influencer.

New York City’s Cultural Diversity

The city that never sleeps is still home to over 8 million people of all backgrounds, histories, ethnicities and religions. That population figure includes the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan. There’s bound to be a lot of influencer talent in that large of a population wedged into such a small area. If someone wasn’t an influencer when they moved into New York, they’ve probably been inspired by their surroundings to become one. For sponsors, that’s great news because there are plenty of influencers from which to choose.

Best 25 Instagramers in New York City

We searched through the nooks and crannies of New York City to find you the best Instagram influencers posting on all topics. Because they’re local, some of these New York City influencers are micro-influencers (1K to 100K followers). This means they have a hyper-engaged audience who frequently tune in to find out what’s new in the area. Here are New York’s best influencers per each category, listed in descending order of the number of their Instagram followers.

New York’s Best Food Influencers

New Fork City, @new_fork_city, 967K Instagram followers: A tag team of three friends shares their love of food, especially Manhattan food, with the world. They take photos of whatever they’re having for lunch, and it really does make everyone drool. 

Alexa Matthews, @eatingnyc, 324K Instagram followers: Alexa coins herself as a professional eater. She seems to have made it her profession since she’s taken it upon herself to eat her way through New York City and share her experiences online.

Morgan Raum, @tooomuchfoood, 107K Instagram followers: Morgan, a true salt-of-the-earth kind of foodie, takes us on an epicurean journey of everything she eats captured in seemingly untouched images. She describes herself as unsophisticated, but that hasn’t stopped the growth of her followers. 

Lori, @girleatsnyc, 65.1K Instagram followers: Lori eats her way through New York City one noodle at a time. If you want to find out where to get the best sesame noodles, tune in to Lori’s feed. 

@nycollegebites, 5.7K Instagram followers: Just a hungry college student, this influencer manages to take elegant photos of cheap eats. Scroll for more unusual food finds and bypass the pricier-looking dishes.

New York’s Best Fashion Influencers

Daniella Bernstein, @weworewhat, 2.1M Instagram followers: This fashionista made Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2017 for her online fashion inspiration. She’s spun off a @shopweworewhat selling swimwear and overalls, so far.

Bridget, @bridget, 602K Instagram followers: A modern-day Holly Golightly, Bridget is jet-setting around Manhattan, and the world, taking photos wherever she goes whether it’s sailing or lounging in bed, but always with a focus on fashion and style. 

Emily Luciano, @emily_luciano, 411K Instagram followers: Emily’s feed has a soft, romantic vibe, both in the products and fashions she models and the locations in which she’s photographed. Emily has even created editing guides for followers so they can learn to post just as beautifully as she does. 

Jourdan Sloane, @jourdansloane, 298K Instagram followers: A city girl through and through, Jourdan has an edgy style that followers want to mimic. Not only does she share her shopping recommendations, many of the items she posts can be purchased directly from her feed.

Michelle, @cremedemichelle, 209K Instagram followers: Michelle is an it-girl, modeling high fashions around the world, but mostly in New York City. Fans hope some of her chicness rubs off on them.

Luda Weigand, @luda_, 146K Instagram followers: Luda moved from Philadelphia to New York City in 2019, and continues to model and post images of his favorite menswear. His allure is that he looks friendly and so do all of the fashions he models. 

Alyssa Lenore, @alyssa.lenore, 138K Instagram followers: Alyssa travels the country, capturing street fashions, but always wears the most down-to-earth and practical clothing on her jaunts around New York City.

Denny Balmaceda, @denny623, 74.8K Instagram followers: a longtime fashion blogger, Denny is the epitome of a New York City menswear stylist. He’s a little vintage, a little rock-and-roll, and he wants everyone to understand that fashion is temporary, style is lasting. 

Aaron Wester, @themodernotter, 51.6K Instagram followers: Aaron’s life and style feed gives the back story on all the fashions he models. He cares about who made the outfit, where the fabric came from and what inspired the look. There’s a view of New York City in just about every one of his posts.

 Drew Jessup, @drewjessup, 22.7K Instagram followers: Drew looks like a fun, super kind and relaxed city guy, as depicted in his posts. He’s the type of friend you want to have in the Big Apple, and he wears the clothes you need.

New York’s Best Photography Influencers

Sam Horine, @samhorine, 536K Instagram followers: Sam grabs the grit by the lens to bring New York City to life. He tours the world and takes photos. You’ll notice all his images have serious detail to make you feel like you’re right there with him.  

Patrick Janelle, @aguynamedpatrick, 432K Instagram followers: Through photos, Patrick has amassed Instagram posts to create sort of a “city guide” to Manhattan (and many other global locales). Wherever he is, Patrick will take a photo, even when it’s raining or snowing. 

Humza Deas, @humzadeas, 324K Instagram followers: photographs the most gritty, beautiful and crowded vantage points in the city, much of it captured by his drone.

Pretty City New York, Prettycitiesnewyork, 93.4K Instagram followers: A group of photographers share the prettiest sites and images of New York City. By pretty, we mean a phone booth filled with flowers type of pretty. The photographers soften the grit of New York, instead showing the lovelier side of the city in this feed.

Jeff Silberman, @jssilberman, 46K Instagram followers: Jeff’s stunning, yet everyday photos of New York City are colorful and vibrant. He’s captured the city throughout each season; each photo could be a magazine cover.

New York’s Best Real-Life Influencers

Brandon Stanton, @Humansofny, 9.3M Instagram followers: This wildly popular Instagram influencer is documenting random people’s lives and how they live, love and struggle in New York City. His work, also in book form, is a New York Tiimes #1 bestseller.

Liz Eswein, @newyorkcity, 1.4M Instagram followers: With half photography, half real-life posts, Liz captures the city from an everyday perspective. Not only that, how lucky is she to have snagged the Instagram handle of New
York City?

Naomi Davis, @taza, 463K Instagram followers: If you want to see the real moms of New York City, click on to Naomi’s page where you’ll see all the joys in celebrating urban family and how she raises five kids in New York. 

Sai De Silva, @scoutthecity, 300K Instagram followers: Sai manages to effortlessly blend fashion, style and motherhood on her chic posts. Tune in to see her cute kids modeling equally sweet outfits.

Daniella Bustabad, @belowthesamesun, 44.4K Instagram followers: Though she mostly takes photos of Manhattan finds, you’ll see plenty of Miami shots in there, too. After all, it’s her hometown. Viewers love Daniella for her down-to-earth views of NYC that kind of makes it feel like a warm, welcoming town.

There are countless of other influencers who photograph all the juicy details of life in New York City. As trends shift and demographics of the city change, be on the lookout for new and fresh influencers taking a bite out of the Big Apple.