Denver is known for its stunning scenery and its laid-back yet adventurous vibe, but the city is also becoming a trendy hotspot for those who want to make an impact on social media. In fact, there are a wide variety of influencers who call the Mile High City home. From fashion to fitness to photography, look to one of these top Denver influences next time you need a little inspiration. 

Alena Gidenko

Alena Gidenko at Modaprints brings her budget-friendly, quirky style to her 62,000 followers on Instagram. Along with documenting her pregnancy, she regularly shares her favorite spots in the Mile High City, easy hair tutorials, and her fashion-forward finds.

Shelby Elmore

Need some fitness inspiration? Head over to Instagram and follow Shelby Elmore. Shelby regularly posts lifestyle, fashion, beauty and fitness pictures to inspire her 21,000 followers.

Grace Penhale

Edgy lifestyle influencer Grace Penhale brings a laid-back vibe to her over 7,000 Instagram followers. Her beautiful pictures highlight her travels and hip sense of style. She’s also the co-owner of Holistic Salon, a Denver beauty salon, so she’s regularly posting photos of amazing hair.

Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard

Need an outfit refresh? Start following Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard stat. This Nigerian-born turned Denver-native regularly posts amazing outfits to her over 67,00 followers, and she regularly expands on her fashion, offering tips and advice on her blog. Her excellent taste doesn’t end with clothes, and you’ll also find interior design pics and inspo on her Instagram account. 

Nancy Ruiz

Nancy Ruiz is a Latina influencer who shares regular outfit posts against the beautiful Denver backdrop to highlight her love of fashion and beauty. She also regularly documents events happening around the city. Her more than 2,500 followers also get to see a bit of her family life, as she loves to share pictures of her adorable son. 

Carolina Hellal

Carolina Hellal’s love of both fashion and Denver are apparent in her gorgeous Instagram pictures. She’s regularly photographed around town showing off her stunning style. She has 75,000 followers who love to stay up-to-date on Hellal’s impeccable fashion sense.

Allison Ruchaber

Fashion blogger Allison Ruchaber runs the blog Peach & Pepper and regularly posts style finds, lifestyle tips and beauty inspiration on her Instagram to her 20,000 followers. Her photos are bright, colorful and fun.

Angela Fields

You don’t have to actually be in Denver to see its beautiful sunsets, thanks to the amazing work of Angela Fields. This Denver photographer regularly captures snapshots of the city landscape, but it’s her stunning sunrises and sunsets that regularly mesmerize her nearly 2,500 Instagram followers.

Drew Wallace

Photographer and curator Drew Wallace’s love of Denver is apparent – just look at his Instagram feed. He regularly shares extraordinary shots of people and places around the city with his nearly 3,500 followers.

Alex at FeelinHaute

A proud Coloradan, Alex at FeelinHaute documents her daily life and fashion finds in the Mile High City. She regularly posts on her blog, FeelinHaute, which she bills as “Your guide to looking fly in the Mile High.” When she isn’t blogging, she’s sharing her sense of style with her nearly 12,000 Instagram followers.

Mackenna Johnson

Interior designer Mackenna Johnson doesn’t just love to style a home – she also loves to style herself. Get fashion inspo and interior design ideas when you join her 1,200 followers on Instagram or follow her blog, Chasing Whimsy. 

Abby Miller

Fashion and lifestyle influencer Abby Miller calls herself the “Denver Darling,” and it’s easy to see why. Her Instagram feed offers her 24,000 followers fun, relatable snaps documenting her fashion finds, her life as a mom and her adventures in the city.

Bre at BiteswithBre

Denver food blogger Bre eats her way around the city, documenting her favorites and sharing delicious photos with her nearly Instagram 31,000 followers. If you’re wondering where to grab dinner, she’s got more than a few suggestions. 

Olivia Merrill

Denver realtor, fashion blogger and body-positive model, Olivia Merrill aims to inspire her more than 12,000 Instagram followers with stunning glamour shots around the city. Her blog, The Denver Look, is a smorgasbord of fashion finds, lifestyle tips and even local areas to explore. 

Margaux at Gauxvegan

Denver foodie Margaux uses her amazing Instagram account to share her favorite vegan finds around the city. With over 24,000 followers, it’s clear that she isn’t the only one interested in delicious eats in the Colorado capital. Be forewarned – don’t click over to her Instagram on an empty stomach. 

Tabitha Shakespeare

Tabitha Shakespeare regularly brings her 26,000 Instagram followers fashion and lifestyle photos, with a big dose of her daily life thrown in. While she’s usually sharing her stunning style and fashion finds, she also offers a fun insight at her life as a mom and regularly shares her family’s travels around Denver.  

Jack Savoie

Think fashion is just for the women? Think again. Jack Savoie specializes in men’s fashion and lifestyle, sharing incredible menswear looks. While he’s based in Denver, he often travels, sharing his amazing pics and on-the-go outfits with his more than 4,000 followers. 

Lauren Monitz

Lauren Monitz calls Denver home, but she doesn’t spend much of her time there. In fact, this travel influencer’s Instagram is chock-full of gorgeous images from her travels around the globe. She regularly shares her adventures with 111,000 followers. 

Heather Balogh Rochfort

Heather Balogh Rochfort clearly loves the outdoors, which makes her Denver home so fitting. When she isn’t exploring her Rocky Mountain backyard, she’s documenting her family travels around the world, regularly sharing her scenery photos and snaps of her toddler with over 11,000 followers. 

Rae Ridings Scott

For fashion tips, lifestyle inspiration, or incredible travel pics, check out Rae Ridings Scott. A photographer and designer, Scott pairs her talent for photography with her love of fashion and travel to cultivate an online presence that includes over 8,200 Instagram followers.

Leah Behr

Leah Behr is a Denver realtor who shares her lifestyle tips and fashion snaps with more than 36,000 Instagram followers. Her eye for fashion has earned her features in The Stylist at New York Fashion Week and InStyle Magazine. Find her beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips on her blog or Instagram account. 

Avery Jane

For high fashion finds, follow professional stylist Avery Jane. Based in Denver, Jane regularly shares photos of her unique yet stunning work with nearly 3,500 followers. She also loves to travel, and often posts pics of fashion as she travels the world.