If you want to reach a targeted audience, then influencers can be your VIP pass. With strong followings on social media, many of these influencers are considered go-to authorities on all things food, fashion, lifestyle, beauty and beyond. The scene in San Francisco is no different; the Bay Area is chock full of influencers who are considered leaders in their niche. Follow some of these influencers to discover the best of what the city has to offer.

Aleksandra Zee @aleksandrazee

Design superstar Aleksandra Zee is incredibly talented at woodwork. Her entire aesthetic involves creating and designing with wood pieces and accents, and her Instagram feed reflects her love of the calming neutral palette. She regularly shares photos of her killer style and creative talent with her 123,000 followers.

Kate Ogata @kateogata

Fashionista and foodie Kate Ogata believes that dressing well and eating well are a winning combination. Join her 137,000 Instagram followers to see her amazing outfits, beauty tips, travel plans and the food she’s trying around the Bay Area. If you want more style inspiration, keep up with her blog, The Fancy Pants Report.

Victoria Smith @sfgirlbybay

Victoria Smith regularly inspires her 218,000 Instagram followers with eye-catching pics of her interior design style. Smith’s aesthetic has a vintage and rustic vibe, and you’ll be amazed at the pieces she uses to create a chic look. She also has a blog and runs an online vintage shop.

Adrienne Young @adrienney

Adrienne Young is based in San Francisco, but she also loves to travel. Her travel and photography Instagram is filled with beautiful shots from around the globe. While she isn’t necessarily a fashion influencer, she also has a beautiful outfit for just about every one of her posts.

Tiffany Wang @tiffwang_

Tiffany Wang brings her 63,000 followers a little bit of everything, from fashion and beauty to lifestyle and travel. She regularly posts outfit pics from different spots around the city and shares glimpses of her neutral and chic design aesthetic.

Steph Lam @currentlylusting

Steph Lam is one of those people who makes fabulous fashion look effortless. Her Insta feed is full of pictures documenting her amazing style, which tends to focus around neutrals. She also loves to travel and regularly shares her style photos with a new city or far-off destination serving as her backdrop. She currently has over 34,000 followers on Instagram.

Kelly @asideofsweet

San Francisco has a lot of places to eat, and Kelly from A Side of Sweet can help you navigate them all. Kelly has a blog where she offers recipes and lifestyle advice, but she takes to Instagram to document some of the city’s best food. She regularly shares drool-worthy photos of incredible eats with her nearly 31,000 followers.

Kendall Chase @chasingkendall

Kendall Chase loves sharing her travel adventures and fashion finds with over 24,000 Instagram followers. Her photos exude happiness and fun, and her many shots around the city show you that she really loves living in the Bay Area.

Yen Kim Phan @foodiswhyimbroke

Yen Kim Phan loves to eat, so it’s fitting that her website is titled, Food is Why I’m Broke. Join her 61,000 Instagram followers if you want to see amazing pictures of food around San Francisco. She also travels often and regularly shares snaps of different eats from around the globe.

Leslie Santarina @spottedsf

Whether you’re visiting San Francisco for the first time or a long-time local, there’s always something new to explore and discover. Leslie Santarina brings the very best of the city’s hidden gems and tourist attractions to her nearly 21,000 Instagram followers. Her feed is full of fun ideas of where to go and what to see in the Bay Area.

Jessica Ricks @hapatime

Jessica Ricks knows all about beauty, fashion and fun. She regularly shares fashion finds, beauty pics and stunning travel photos with her 789,000 Instagram followers.

My Nguyen @myhealthydish_

My Nguyen runs My Healthy Dish, a website and Instagram page focused on recipes, food and healthy living. An author, chef and speaker, she has used her recipe know-how to attract 803,000 Instagram followers.

Katie Newburn @cloudsandcoffee

Katie Newburn combines her love of food and photography to take stunning food shots and lifestyle photos. Her more than 81,000 Instagram followers get a good dose of the West Coast on her feed, as Newburn documents her time spent in San Fran, Napa and Portland.

Whitney and Mallory @readytwowear

Whitney and Mallory are two friends who team up on one Insta account to share photos of all things lifestyle and fashion. If you want to find out what’s new, stylish or trendy, join their more than 2,700 Instagram followers or head over to their blog Ready Two Wear.

Sarah Menanix @snixykitchen

If you like glamourous pictures of food, Sarah Menanix is a must-follow. She’s a food stylist by profession, which means that her Insta feed is full of amazing photos that look good enough to eat. If you’re looking for food inspiration in the kitchen, then join her 38,000 followers. She’s constantly posting gluten-free recipes you can recreate at home.

Jenn Yee @pastrywithjenn

Jenn Yee’s Instagram feed is full of incredible-looking pastries. She loves to both bake her goodies and scour them out from local restaurants, bringing the best of both worlds to her over 48,000 followers. If you have a sweet tooth, then follow at your own risk.

Nanette @nantuck3t

Nanette regularly loves to document her travel and food finds to her more than 48,000 Instagram followers. Her photos are an eclectic mix of lifestyle, fashion, food and fun, so you never know what she’ll post, but you can guarantee that it will look good.

Hee Jin Lee @hungryhungryheejin

Another Instagrammer who brings her love of the city’s food to her followers, Hee Jin Lee loves to branch out and try new things. From sushi to sandwiches to dessert, join her over 51,000 followers to see what delectable meal she’s having next.

Ahn S. @9to5chic

Want to look professional but not frumpy or dated? Ahn is the one to follow. She regularly shares fashion snaps that are totally doable and perfect for any office environment but are also trendy and on point. With 296,000 Instagram followers, it’s clear that her sense of style is making a statement.

Heidi Swanson @heidijswanson

Sometimes it’s nice to get a little food inspo without feeling the need to dine out. That’s where Heidi Swanson comes in. This cookbook author brings her love of food and creating recipes to 100,000 Instagram followers.