With the Kardashians in the headlines all the time, you’d think it’s just females who top the influencer charts. Though more women dominate the influencer world, there are plenty of international male social media stars.

Some male influencers make news for their offensive commentary or posts. Yet many make a comeback, as in the cases of YouTube stars PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellberg, and Logan Paul, both of whom are controversial. Others, as you can see from their videos or posts, just want to have fun and poke fun on the global stage.

Where to Find the Male Influencers

There’s a world of male influencers topping the charts, mostly on YouTube with millions of followers. The YouTube male international influencers post most about gaming and their lives in general. Much of it is comedic and in their native language.

A second tier of international male influencers can be found on Instagram, posting about travel, photography and fashion. We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 international male influencers in ascending order of the number of their YouTube subscribers or Instagram followers:

  • Jonathan Daniel Pryce, garconjon, U.K., 104K Instagram followers, photography and travel micro-influencer

  • Sasha Juliard, sashajuliard, Indonesia, 110K Instagram followers, travel photographer and runs social awareness campaign to bring clean water to Cambodia

  • Matthew Zorpas, matthewzorpas, U.K., 189K Instagram followers, founder of TheGentlemanblogger.com site

  • Sam Evans, samevanslife, Australia, 193K Instagram followers, makes photography and travel posts

  • Blondey, U.K., 263K Instagram followers, posts about skateboarding.


  • Oliver Cheshire, oliver_cheshire, U.K., 206K Instagram followers, model and style commentator

  • Bradley Simmonds, bradleysimmonds, U.K., 303K Instagram followers, fitness guru

  • Leo Mandella, gullyguyleo, U.K., 711K Instagram followers, 14-year-old fashion icon for streetwear

  • Quin, everchanginghorizon, Costa Rica, 934K Instagram followers, posts about travel photographs

  • Pelayo Diaz, princepelayo, Spain, 1M Instagram followers, posts about fashion and daily life

  • Jack Morris, doyoutravel, Indonesia, 2.7M Instagram followers, travel photographer

  • Mariano Di Vaio, Marianodivaio, Italy, 6.1M Instagram followers, founder of NOHOWStyle.com, proving that fashion influencers aren’t always female

  • Daniel Middleton, DanTDM, U.K., 21.3M YouTube subscribers, made his name with daily game reviews and gameplay videos

  • Sean McLoughlin, JackSepticEye, Ireland, 21.9M YouTube subscribers, made his name with video gaming and livestreamed charity events

  • Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, Luisito Comunica, Mexico, 23.2M YouTube subscribers, made his name with travel vlogs of cities he’s visited around the world

  • Pedro Afonso Rezende, RezendeEvil, Brazil, 23.1M YouTube subscribers, began as a gaming channel but now focuses on daily life shown through comedic lens

  • Lukas Marques and Daniel Molo, VoceSabia, 24M YouTube subscribers, videos of facts and trivia from around the world

  • Samuel de Luque, Vegetta777, Spain, 26.4M YouTube subscribers, began in gaming and now creates intricate stories and histories about the characters in his games

  • Luis Fernando Flores, Fernanfloo, El Salvador, 32.6M YouTube subscribers, known for gameplay videos that include entertaining antics

  • Germán Garmendia, JuegaGerman (along with popular older Spanish-language site, HolaSoyGerman) Chile, 34.4M YouTube subscribers, known for his comedic content

The most popular male influencers aren’t always rappers, singers or celebrities. Many international male influencers made their name and grew their audience by providing gaming-related content. But anyone looking for guidance on everything from travel to photography and fashion will find plenty of options.