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YouTube has over one billion users. Its available in 91 countries and 80 languages, and anybody with a computer or smartphone has the option to access it within seconds. The platform’s reach makes it a powerful tool for marketers anywhere in the world, including beauty influencers such as these top Korean skincare YouTubers.

1. Gothamista

On Renee’s YouTube channel, Gothamista, she shares her love of finding the best beauty and skincare products. She has over 10 years of beauty industry experience, so she’s well-positioned to inform and entertain her 444,000 subscribers.

2. Risabae

A beautiful smile and immaculate makeup make Risabae an instantly engaging content creator. Her experience as a makeup artist for music groups means she has great tips on how to recreate celebrity looks to share with her 2.1 million subscribers.

3. Sichenmakeupholic

The amazingly down-to-earth Sichen may describe herself as “just a person who loves makeup,” but her glamorous looks are out of this world. It’s not surprising she has over 1.3 million subscribers.

4. Lamuque

Lamuque pulls off any look with ease, from traditional makeup inspired by famous Chinese actors to modern techniques fit for a night out with friends. Her step-by-step approach to skincare and makeup application makes it possible for over 1.4 million fans to recreate her styles.

5. Dasha Kim

Dasha Kim’s videos showcasing her fusion of East meets West makeup and hairstyles has earned her a following in excess of 266,000 subscribers.

6. PONY Syndrome

Beautiful makeup and a welcoming smile are key to the success of PONY Syndrome. An impressive 4.8 million subscribers follow the channel to learn about great new products and hot new styles.

7. heyitsfeiii

Fei Ying uses her channel to showcase a wide range of skincare products, but she also does makeup tutorials and even K-pop collaborations. The heady mix of fun and information has earned her in excess of 1.3 million subscribers.

8. ssin

Funny makeup tutorials are the order of the day on this amusing channel, but you’ll also find product reviews and skincare advice. Of particular note are the Pink Series videos, which help the channel’s 1.6 million subscribers with “overcoming the fear of pink.”

9. Hello Pretty by Subin

Beauty creator Subin keeps her 21,000 subscribers interested by mixing up the content she offers. Whether you want to know how to do your hair and makeup, learn a better skincare regimen, or dress well on a budget, Subin has you covered.

10. The Beauty Breakdown

The Beauty Breakdown, which boasts over 543,000 subscribers, is one of three channels created by YouTube sensation, blogger, and writer Morgan Alison Stewart. Videos cover skincare regimens, new products, and even some fashion.

11. Joan Kim

Joan Kim is a 20-something Korean American living in Seoul. She uses her channel to share her “life in motion” with 522,000 subscribers. Her popularity has led to collaborations with brands such as Neogen Dermalogy.

12. sunnydahye

The sunnydayhe channel is a vlog expressing a passion for makeup and travel. The enthusiasm is catching, and the channel has earned over 665,000 subscribers.

13. Sunny’s Channel

Sunny may be 100 percent Korean, but she’s based in NYC, and brings a little New York twist to her incredible makeup tutorials. Her transformations into celebrity styles have to be seen to be believed. No wonder she has over a million subscribers.

14. Lena

Lena has been on YouTube since 2015, sharing top tips for hair and beauty. She now has over 797,000 subscribers.

15. Liah Yoo

Liah Yoo, founder of, spends her time on YouTube “decoding skincare and makeup.” Her tutorials, product guides, and in-depth discussions on different skin conditions are invaluable for her 641,000 subscribers.

16. YoonCharmi

YoonCharmi has all the beauty tips, makeup advice, and life hacks you could ever need. The channel makes use of vibrant, colorful video thumbnails to attract attention, and it’s worked — the audience now includes over one million subscribers.

17. Dayeong

With her infectious and lively approach to beauty and skincare, Kim Dayeong has amassed a following of over 604,000 subscribers. She hasn’t let it go to her head though; she still refers to her channel as “small.”

18. kwak tori

Kwak Tori takes inspiration from anime and current trends, bringing them together in fabulously inventive tutorials. Her channel has over 458,000 subscribers.

19. Beautifymeeh

Beauty, life, fashion, reviews, travel: Beautifymeeh has it all. It also has over 513,000 subscribers.

20. So Young

So Young’s Beauty Room is a wonderful place to spend a relaxing afternoon learning about morning routines, beauty treatments, and traveling. The channel has more than 370,000 subscribers.

21. Sombley

Bright visuals and a playful approach to skincare from this makeup and fashion blogger have helped her to build an audience of more than 210,000 subscribers.

22. meejmuse

Jen Kim is a Korean-Australian television personality who has hosted shows such as “Seoul Insider” and “Discover Hong Kong.” Her videos on skincare and beauty, and general musings on lift have attracted over 484,000 subscribers.

23. ErnaLimdaugh

Like many skincare YouTubers, fashion enthusiast Erna Limdaugh likes to diversify her content, including subjects such as makeup, music, travel, and lifestyle. The format is working, as her channel has over 314,000 subscribers.

24. Michelle Choi

Raised in Orange County, California, but now living in South Korea, Michelle Choi is a beauty and lifestyle guru with an easygoing presentation style and a good eye for a great look. The personal insights she provides on subjects such as her weight gain and how she copes with stress make it easy for her 198,000 fans to relate to her.

25. CHES

Want to know how to look like a Slytherin from Harry Potter, or how to fake freckles? Need a break from reality with a personal tour of San Francisco? Considering a new hairstyle? Joining the 229,999 subscribers on the CHES channel can help. The diverse videos are informative and fun, and the tutorials that give you the skills to look like your favorite TV and film characters are superb.

Final Thought: Eye of the Beholder

Korean beauty (or K-beauty, as it’s often known) is big business, and these top Korean skincare YouTubers are taking the internet by storm. Their impressive viewing figures and growing audiences are a testament to their success. But beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, and there’s always room for more channels to make it big. Maybe some of these YouTubers will inspire you to develop your own influencer channel.