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How YouTube’s Algorithm Really Works

The Atlantic

Of all the videos posted to YouTube, there is one that the platform recommends more than any other right now, according to a Pew Research study published Wednesday. That video is called “Bath Song | +More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs – Cocomelon (ABCkidTV).” YouTube recommended it more than 650 times among the 696,468 suggestions that Pew tracked, substantially more than the second-place finisher: the video for Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” featuring Cardi B.
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New Report Spotlights ‘Authenticity’ As Social Media Evolves


Newly revealed in this study, consumers are “scrutinizing all marketing messages” more so than previous studies due to “shaken trust” across all media sources. Another already trending observation in the report is the consumer movement toward authenticity and originality in content. Within this push for authenticity, FTC guidelines create challenges for industry-wide compliance. Although most content creators are aware of them, many marketers either neglect to follow or misunderstand the guidelines entirely.
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Microsoft’s Twitch Competitor Mixer Rolls Out Hefty Update With More Ways For Creators To Make Money And More Ways For Viewers To Engage


After attracting more than 10 million new monthly active users in the first half of this year, bumping its total up over 20 million, Microsoft’s gaming livestream platform Mixer has rolled out a significant update with a number of changes to help creators make more money.
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Meet the Plantfluencers

The New York Times

Buoyed by Instagram, the millennial generation’s obsession with houseplants is growing faster and more tenaciously than English ivy. Plant influencers, the horticultural stars of that medium, now have book deals, sponsors and hundreds of thousands of followers.
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Inside Canon’s Influencer Marketing Program


For 23 years, Canon has managed a program of professional photographers called Explorers of Light. These 42 professionals represents the company at events. But now, with the Instagram era, Canon is working with 40 amateur photographer influencers as well.
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How to Make Your Dog Instagram-Famous, According to a Manager for “Pet Influencers”


Today, there are tons of pets who’ve gained enough of a following on social media to earn the coveted title “pet influencer,” and they can command tens of thousands of dollars creating content for brands. And it’s not just pet food companies and vacuum makers; fashion brands like Ralph Lauren and upscale hotel chains have written checks for four-legged talent to appear in their marketing too.
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