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2018’s Most Important Instagram Updates – and How to Make Best Use of Them

Social Media Today

With more than a billion active users, amazing engagement tools and steps towards offering fully functional eCommerce in stream, businesses simply can’t afford to ignore Instagram in 2019. The potential for connecting with customers is huge, and ever-increasing thanks to its constant updates. But with a new announcement practically every other week, it’s not so easy to keep track of everything that’s happening, and how it can be of benefit to your business.
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Cheatsheet: Twitter’s Smaller Audience is Making Them More Money


The bad news: Twitter’s monthly active users declined 9 million since its second quarter as it focused on cleaning up the platform. The good news: Twitter has seen an uptick in advertising and profitability. Here’s what you need to know:
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Facebook Seeks to Entice Gen Z with Music-Sharing in Stories, Profiles

Mobile Marketer

Facebook’s new and expanded music features are part of the social media platform’s efforts to increase its appeal to Generation Z, which has typically abandoned the service for other platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Just 28% of teens reported using Facebook, down from more than 40% two years ago, and only 5% call it their favorite social media platform, according to Piper Jaffray’s annual teen survey released this week. Facebook’s rumored Lasso app looks to be a direct competitor to TikTok, the short-form mobile video platform that merged with and replaced and is a hit with teens and pre-teens. The new music features come a day after Facebook integrated Instagram Stories with SoundCloud, ​the music-streaming service with 175 million users worldwide.
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“That’s what authenticity looks like”: How Brick-and-Mortar Businesses Can Leverage Influencer Marketing


For many, influencer marketing invokes images of products aesthetically photographed and blasted to a mass following — a marketing effort more like a shotgun than the surgical strike demanded by digital. It’s easy to see how brands might interpret the tactic as something impersonal, best suited for retailers with mass appeal. But influencer marketing is most effective when it gets personal.
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Instagram’s Future as a Social Commerce App Looks Murkier Than Ever


Eight years ago, Instagram was nothing more than a new social media app designed to share grainy photos of food, friends and family. A billion-dollar acquisition and several years later, Instagram is turning into a leading contender in the social commerce space, with the platform evolving from a place for influencers and normals to one where brands can thrive and create whole businesses.
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A Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit is a Wake-Up Call for Influencer Marketing


Contrary to popular belief, video did not kill the radio star. It made them a YouTube influencer. Advertisers use influencer marketing to reach consumers at a time of increased ad aversion. But the sheer volume of influencers and content on YouTube alone can be overwhelming for advertisers searching for the best fit for their brand. This is part of the challenge that Adam Stewart, Google’s VP of consumer goods, government and entertainment, tackles every day.
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