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The best influencer marketing news fit to share this week. Stories, articles and content collected throughout the week of October 15-19 and curated by our influencer marketing experts especially for you in this weekly thought leadership roundup.

ANA Report: In-Housing Agency Work Is Accelerating


In-house agencies are increasingly on the rise, swiping all facets of advertising work historically handled by traditional shops including creative, strategy, media, social, production, influencer marketing, experiential efforts—everything. So much so, according to a new report from the Association of National Advertisers, that it seems to be a trend far too pervasive for any external agency to ignore.
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Looking Beyond Facebook and Instagram, DTC Brands Try Snapchat


Since Snapchat released its advanced Pixel targeting capabilities to advertisers in June, some direct-to-consumer companies say they are seeing up to a 50 percent lower cost-per-acquisition since applying the Pixel, prompting some to shift spending from Facebook and Instagram.
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Instagram Story School: What it is and How Marketers Can Benefit


With 400+ million people using Instagram Stories every day and 45% of the most viewed stories being from businesses, it’s time to take notice of the possibilities within this social platform. That’s the good news. Now, the even better news here is that Instagram is making it easier for marketers to really dive into Instagram Stories Ads. With Instagram offering Story School, marketers now have everything they need at their fingertips to not only understand why they should consider this ad format but also how to bring their brand and/or product to life using it.
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How South Asian and Middle Eastern Influencers are Changing the Beauty Industry


When beauty creator and influencer Deepica Mutyala started making YouTube videos nearly three years ago, her original goal was to offer beauty advice and tips to South Asian women. “I assumed there was a miss in the market for South Asian representation, women who looked like me,” she said. Mutyala was right: one of her early YouTube videos, showing how darker women can use red lipstick as a beauty hack to hide dark under-eye circles, garnered over 10.6 million views. To date, the influencer has a total social reach of over 350,000 across platforms.
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Chipotle Want Proof Its TV Commercials Drive Burrito Sales


Chipotle is looking to prove its TV commercials actually drive sales of tacos and burritos. As TV networks work to compete with Google and Facebook, the industry has been on a mission to prove that airing a commercial will lead to some sort of business result for marketers—the holy grail being, of course, driving a purchase. While many network groups have been testing various attribution models, thus far they have been limited to guaranteeing other forms of business outcomes, like website visits or test drives.
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Google’s Adam Stewart On Finding The Right YouTube Influencer For Your Brand

Ad Exchanger

Contrary to popular belief, video did not kill the radio star. It made them a YouTube influencer. Advertisers use influencer marketing to reach consumers at a time of increased ad aversion. But the sheer volume of influencers and content on YouTube alone can be overwhelming for advertisers searching for the best fit for their brand. This is part of the challenge that Adam Stewart, Google’s VP of consumer goods, government and entertainment, tackles every day.
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