Do you need content marketing software? Are you struggling to get a content marketing campaign off of the ground? Or do you just need help organizing all the different aspects of a content marketing campaign? Your answer is most likely a resounding “yes.” That’s why you need the Content Marketing Software Guide.

But there are literally thousands of different types of content marketing software out there. How on earth do you choose the platform or program that’s best for your brand?

It starts with understanding what content marketing software can do. But you also need to know how it’s different from other types of software. Plus, marketers need to understand what benefits using a software program can offer their brand. Learn all of this and more in the Content Marketing Software Guide!

What’s In The Content Marketing Software Guide?

A Quick Summary of Content Marketing Software

There’s a quick way to explain content marketing software. It’s a platform or program that allows you to complete any or all aspects of content marketing.

Let’s start with a definition by the Content Marketing Institute. Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of valuable content to attract or retain an audience. The end goal of content marketing is to get people to take some sort of action. That action can be subscribing to a newsletter, requesting more information, or making a purchase.

People often assume content marketing begins and ends with the creation of content. But there’s more to it than that. It also involves curating or scheduling content, optimizing content, and content distribution. An effective content marketing software platform should be able to handle at least one (if not all) aspect of content marketing.

5 Things Content Marketing Software Can Do

Now that you’ve got the quick-take definition of content marketing software, let’s dive a bit deeper and see what a software program can actually do. What type of functions can you expect to find (or should you expect to find) in a platform?

Creation tools

Content creation can include the means to actually type up or produce a piece of content, such as blog posts or videos. It can also include the ability to find other pieces of content for content curation, as well as content planning and scheduling tools.

Distribution tools

Distributing content means finding a way to get it in front of the widest audience possible. Content marketing software that includes distribution tools might allow you to create email newsletters or share your content through social media platforms.

Analytics and insights tools

Measuring the impact of your content is crucial for content marketing success, and for ensuring that you’re on track to achieve your goals. Some content marketing platforms include the ability to see how many people have viewed your content, where they came from, how long they looked at it, and what they did after viewing.

Customer management/experience tools

Personalized content is all the rage these days, and it’s important for brands and marketers to be able to craft individual experiences for the people who visit their websites. Content marketing software occasionally includes tools that let you personalize content based on a customer’s past behavior or actions.

Team interaction tools

If you outsource any aspect of content creation — or if you work with a relatively large content marketing team — team interaction tools can be particularly useful. The tools might include the ability to message back and forth with content creators, accept or decline bids on projects, and arrange for content creator payments after a particular project is completed.

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