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From in-demand lip colors to the newest tricks in contouring, beauty bloggers have the scoop on what’s going on in the makeup and cosmetics world. In some cases they lead the way when it comes to trends and styles. They’re the go-to for sharing fun and creative ways to use beauty products with their readers or followers.

The popularity of each beauty blogger varies. Some of the most popular beauty bloggers or vloggers, such as Zoella or Huda Kattan, have many millions of followers. Others have considerably fewer followers. Thus they focus on a specific niche of the beauty industry such as natural hair, organic makeup, or over-the-top makeup “lewks.”

Beauty bloggers get their ideas from a variety of sources. Many create tutorials or blog posts based on whatever they find interesting at the moment. Others might take reader or viewer requests. Often, bloggers are willing to work with brands on collaborations or help get the word out about a new product launch.

Take BECCA cosmetics for instance. They partnered with beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill to launch a limited edition palette. NikkieTutorials worked with TooFaced to create its palette. In some cases, beauty bloggers have so much success with their blog they are able to launch their own beauty brands. That’s what happened with IntotheGloss and its popular beauty line Glossier.

Why Your Brand Should Work With Beauty Bloggers

Whether your brand is established in the beauty and cosmetics industry or is new to the scene, there are several benefits of partnering with a beauty blogger.

One significant benefit is working with a blogger who’s respected and trusted in the beauty industry. Working with a trusted beauty blogger means that more people trust your brand. According to one study, people place a considerable amount of trust in the opinions of others online. If a beauty blogger with a loyal, engaged following starts using your products and showing followers how to use them, it’s very likely those followers will pay attention and trust what the blogger has to say.

Another reason to work with a beauty blogger is that doing so can help your brand reach a new audience. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors these days. It’s no longer limited to women of a certain age or economic status.

By partnering with a beauty blogger who reaches a certain niche market, such as beauty boys or cosplayers, you can expand the market for your brand’s products.

One last reason to partner with a beauty blogger is to provide tangible, measurable results. Say a beauty blogger creates a how-to post or video showing how to use a specific product in your brand’s line. You can track how much traffic and how many sales of that particular product come from the blogger’s post.

In 2016, blogger Arielle Charnas of Something Navy posted about a $52 facial mask on her blog. As a result, more than 500 jars, totaling more than $17,500, sold that day.

How to Partner With a Beauty Blogger

Boosting sales and your brand’s credibility sounds pretty good, right? So how do you find the right beauty blogger?

You can use several approaches when searching for a blogger. One option is use hashtags to search on social media to find people who are posting using those hashtags. Ideally, this will help you find people who also happen to have blogs.

Another option is to use a marketplace for bloggers and influencers. With a marketplace, you’re able to search for bloggers based on their subject area, following size and overall engagement, the social media platforms they use, and so on.

Once you’ve found a blogger, it’s time to hammer out the details. Do you want the blogger to create posts around your existing products? Would you prefer to work together on a product launch? How many posts should the blogger create for you? What sort of pay rate or compensation should that person expect to receive?

It’s a good idea to work with a beauty blogger on a trial basis, at least at first. That way you can part ways at the end of the project or campaign if things didn’t go as planned for either party. However if a project is successful, you have the option of continuing a beautiful relationship.