The landscape of video gaming has changed dramatically in recent years. While home consoles such as the PlayStation 4 are still big business, mobile devices have made every commute or long queue an opportunity to get your game on. There are over 5.135 billion mobile users across the globe, representing a 68 percent penetration, and many of them are gaming daily. In fact, in 2016 alone, the mobile gaming industry generated $35.6 billion worldwide. Many social media influencers have latched on to the popularity of gaming, creating funny videos in which they play they hottest new titles or report on the state of the industry. Here are 25 of the top mobile game influencers who know how to play the social media game and win.

25 Top Mobile Game Influencers to Follow

PewDiePie mobile gaming influencers


No list of mobile game influencers would be complete without the biggest YouTube star in the world: Pewdiepie. While he no longer plays video games, he managed to turn YouTube videos about games into a multi-million dollar business. These days he spends his time deconstructing internet memes with his 62 million subscribers.

Markiplier top male social media influencers


Markiplier’s trademark is playing some of the scariest games around, talking through the trauma with a voice made for radio. It’s a winning formula that has accrued over 20 million subscribers on YouTube. He is one of the mobile game influencers who works on all gaming platforms, occasionally showcasing spooky mobile games.

jacksepticeye top daily youtube vloggers


Irish gamer Jacksepticeye is an energetic “let’s player” who invites his YouTube subscribers to watch him play through great (and not so great) video games. Over 19 million subscribers are regularly logging in.

Jim Sterling mobile game influencers

Jim Sterling

Jim Sterling is famous for his weekly Patreon-funded internet show, the Jimquisition, in which he tears apart various aspects of the gaming industry. He also has a habit of finding and playing the worst indie games in the world, much to the amusement of 679,000 YouTube subscribers.

Ali-A top British YouTuber


Ali-A gained popularity on YouTube playing first-person action games such as “Call of Duty” and “Fortnite.” He has a second channel with 5.1 million subscribers called More Ali-A, in which he focuses on other games, including mobile titles.

TheSyndicateProject top male social media influencers


While Tom Cassell of TheSyndicateProject is famous for playing mainstream titles such as “Call of Duty,” he also showcases some of the best mobile games. He has 9.9 million YouTube subscribers.

The Game Theorists Top Gaming Influencers

The Game Theorists

While many game influencers focus on playing games or reporting on new releases, MatPat of The Game Theorists creates YouTube videos discussing the theory behind games, such as how Sonic is able to survive traveling at high speed. He has over 10 million subscribers.

Smosh Highest-Paid Social Media Influencer

Smosh Games

Smosh Games is just one of seven channels operated by the Smosh Squad, a team comprised of some of YouTube’s brightest and funniest creators. The gang’s gaming channel has over 7.2 million subscribers.

AuthenticGames mobile game influencers


Some YouTubers specialize in certain games, such as Marco Tulio, who mainly plays “Roblox,” a game for Xbox, Windows, and mobile devices. His channel has 13 million subscribers.

DanTDM top male social media influencers


Dan Middleton, aka DanTDM, mainly creates YouTube videos for “Minecraft.” He even set a Guinness World Record in 2016 for having the most views on a dedicated Minecraft channel (7.9 billion viewers). He has over 18 million subscribers.

Vegetta777 Top Hispanic Social Media Influencer


Samuel de Luque is the face of the Vegetta777 YouTube channel. He presents “let’s play” videos as narrative stories, attracting over 22 million subscribers.

VanossGaming Top Male Social Media Influencers


Evan Fong of Vanoss Gaming uses interactive elements such as challenges to engage his audience, and funny animated serials to keep them coming back for more. He has 22 million subscribers.

The Black Hokage mobile game influencers

The Black Hokage

He may describe himself as “some black guy on the internet,” but that description doesn’t begin to describe what this multi-talented YouTuber does for a living. He’s a commentator, reviewer, “let’s player,” and voice actor, with a dedicated YouTube fan base of over 640,000 subscribers.

iHasCupquake Top Gaming Influencers


While some YouTubers specialize in one subject, or even one game, iHasCupquake supplements her gaming content with baking and DIY tutorials. 6.3 million subscribers are along for the ride.

TobyGames Top Gaming Influencers


Want to see Toby Turner “fail to be good at video games?” His 6.5 million YouTube subscribers do, and countless other people regularly watch as he plays a wide range of games.

TheRadBrad Top Gaming Influencers


Bradley Colburn is “King of the YouTube walkthrough,” according to “FMV Magazine.” His calm, clear style of presenting gaming information has earned him a following of over 8.7 million subscribers.

Bajan Canadian mobile game influencers

Bajan Canadian

Many YouTubers have turned playing “Minecraft” into a successful business, and Bajan Canadian is no exception. The likeable gamer has 5.9 million subscribers.

SSSniperWolf Top Gaming Influencers


SSSniperWolf gained popularity playing first-person shooting games. She has since broadened her content to include other types of games, vlogs, and reaction videos, so there’s always something for her nine million subscribers to enjoy.

GigaOM Mobile game influencers

GigaOM Mobile

While YouTube is the playground of video game vloggers, some influencers are using Twitter to spread the word. GigaOM Mobile breaks the latest mobile news, and has 10,800 followers.

H2ODelirious mobile game influencers


H20Delirious is one of only a handful of video game YouTubers to break 10 million subscribers. His deep knowledge of gaming has led to partnerships with brands such as Ubisoft.

SeaNanners Gaming Channel mobile game influencers

SeaNanners Gaming Channel

Adam Montoya, aka SeaNanners, has developed a popular YouTube channel with 5.6 million subscribers. He supplements his content with his own website and a presence on Instagram and Facebook.

Brett Nolan mobile game influencers

Brett Nolan

Brett Nolan (Twitter handle @OTGGamer) is a self-proclaimed iOS geek, focusing on news, previews, and reviews. He has over 10,000 followers on Twitter.

Pocket Gamer mobile game influencers

Pocket Gamer

Want all the latest news and reviews for iOS, Android, and handheld gaming consoles? Pocket Gamer’s Twitter account is always at the top of its game, with 245,000 followers as evidence.

TouchArcade mobile game influencers


TouchArcade calls itself the number one iOS game site for news and reviews. The Twitter account has 126,000 followers.

OMGitsfirefoxx mobile game influencers


OMGitsfirefoxx doesn’t focus on a single social media platform. A YouTube channel with 793,000 subscribers, featuring videos ranging from playthroughs to humorous daily vlogs and comedy skits, is just the start of the fun. An Instagram account features hilarious and inspiring “behind the scenes” images, while a Facebook page provides another forum for interacting with fans.

Final Thought: Upping Your Game

In 2017, there were already 2.8 million apps available for Android users, and that number is increasing all the time. If you want your gaming app to stand out in a crowded market, it may be time to partner with one of the top mobile game influencers with the skills to take your marketing campaign to the next level.


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