If your company is trying to connect with and market to other companies and professionals, and you don’t have LinkedIn content marketing strategies, you’re missing out.

It’s easy to look at LinkedIn as an also-ran when it comes to content marketing and social media use. The 2017 State of the Creator Economy ranked it as a “tier 3” site, with just two thirds of heavy (15 hours+ per month) internet users visiting it daily. People visited the site an average of 25 times per month in 2016, less than a quarter of the average number of monthly visits at Facebook.

But here’s an important fact: About 80 percent of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, according to the platform’s ebook “The Secret Sauce.” More than 40 percent of marketers have landed a customer off of LinkedIn.

While your brand might not connect with the average consumer on LinkedIn, the platform offers something much more valuable: access to professionals, including decision makers, executives, IT decision makers, and more. According to “The Secret Sauce,” there are 450 million professionals on the platform. All told, those professionals are looking at nine billion pieces of content each week.

How can your brand take advantage of LinkedIn Content Marketing strategies? It helps to learn from the best. Take a look at some stellar examples of LinkedIn content marketing strategies.

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LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is a great example of “practice what you preach.” The program isn’t just about getting other people to try out content marketing on the platform. It’s also about showing them how it’s done.

LinkedIn Company Pages Playbook

Courtesy LinkedIn

As the team behind LinkedIn Marketing Solutions notes in “The Secret Sauce,” thought leadership really sells people on your brand. Nearly three quarters of buyers are going to work with the company that was there to first help them on their journey.

To engage with its audience, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions pinned a quote from an influencer, Brian Solis, to the top of its page. After seeing the pinned quote, 660 users subscribed to the team’s blog.

The team also took a personal approach to get people to subscribe. As part of its LinkedIn content marketing, the company sent a Sponsored InMail message to users, which led to another 1,240 blog subscriptions.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions demonstrates the importance of using both a personal touch and thought leadership to get people excited about what you have to offer. If your brand is struggling to get people on board, think about how you can demonstrate leadership and really connect with your audience.


More than three million people are following Microsoft on LinkedIn, which is many times the number of employees the company has. The brand regularly shares updates about new technology, including the use of tech to help farmers better manage irrigation to their fields, developments in artificial limb technology, and insights from Microsoft employees about the next big things in tech.

Microsoft LinkedIn Content Strategy

The brand also has a variety of “showcase” pages, which highlight its full suite of products, including MS Office, Bing Ads, and Visual Studio.

Microsoft’s presence and use of a LinkedIn content marketing strategy is a great example of a brand doing it what it does best. You think of the company as being a leader in the tech space, and by regularly publishing articles and stories about what’s new and coming next, Microsoft proves that it’s exactly that.


LinkedIn content marketing is an excellent tool for recruitment, and Google’s LinkedIn page features a number of job openings, and instructions for applying. Sticking with the career theme, a number of posts on the company’s page highlight how working with Google or working in tech helped to open doors for some of the brand’s employees.

Google LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy

Like Microsoft, Google also has a number of showcase pages that highlight its other products and services. These showcase pages usually have fewer followers than the main page. For example, the Think With Google page has just over 300,000 followers, while the main Google page is pushing five million. Think With Google is also a great example of the brand using thought leadership to educate people and develop leads.

What can your brand learn from Google’s content marketing strategy on LinkedIn? One, that content can help your recruitment efforts. Two, dividing up your content strategy so that some topics appear on one page and other topics on another page is a great way to connect with your audience without alienating anyone.


Content on GE’s LinkedIn page includes think pieces and reflections from influencers connected to the company, such as Miranda Sounders (who is the senior director of talent acquisition for GE Power), as well as highlights of exciting new technology, such as 3D printed organs. The company also includes LinkedIn content marketing strategies that tackle big issues of the day, such as a piece on hiring more women in tech, from influencer (and GE employee) Danielle Merfield.

GE LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy

GE has also managed to demonstrate that value of creating affiliate company pages on LinkedIn. A company with multiple branches, it has given each branch its own page (rather than a showcase page). That allows it to directly connect with and target professionals who might be interested in, say, GE Aviation or GE Digital. On the affiliated pages, it’s able to create and send a more direct, targeted message.


Coca-Cola has recognized that LinkedIn is a place to connect with professionals, not necessarily the average consumer. While it might have fun, consumer-focused listicles and blog posts on its Facebook or other social media pages, on LinkedIn, it’s all about business. The content it creates and shares on the platform is purely business focused, such as product announcements, strategy sharing, and employee engagement and training ideas.

Coca-Cola LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy

Like GE, Coke’s LinkedIn content marketing strategies demonstrate the value of knowing your audience.

Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy has used thought leadership as a key part of its LinkedIn content marketing strategies. In a time when many people are alarmed or confused by climate change, it’s been publishing articles that are both reassuring and encouraging people to take action to help protect their planet.

The Nature Conservancy LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy

These LinkedIn content marketing strategies show how staying cool and professional during crisis can really boost a brand.


You’ll find a mix of studies, inspirational quotes, and thought leadership in the content marketing mix on Adobe’s LinkedIn page. The brand is known as a leading provider of digital media software. Its LinkedIn content marketing strategies are to share and highlight the brand’s position as a leader in its industry.

Adobe LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy


TEKsystems is an IT staffing and recruiting company. It has shown itself to be particularly adept at using LinkedIn publishing to connect with an audience. The company has published slideshows on its LinkedIn page, using Slideshare. It’s also very good at engaging with people in the comments section of each post. Someone from the company usually responds quickly to any comments left by visitors.

TEKsystems LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy


How can you make data sexy? Take a look at SAP’s LinkedIn page to find out. OK, so maybe sexy isn’t the right word. But, the brand really goes above and beyond. Its content makes numbers and data seem not only interesting, but relatable. For example, it recently published a video featuring an employee of the company in the Netherlands. He shared how he used SAP’s Run Your Way program to get in better shape, and to ultimately climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with his dad and brother.

SAP LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy

What can your brand learn from SAP’s content marketing? Never forget the people behind your product. Even if what you’ve got seems dry and dull, there’s always some way to make it more interesting.

Crest/Oral B

The Crest/Oral B LinkedIn page is actually a showcase page from Procter & Gamble. It’s an excellent example of specific, direct targeting on LinkedIn. The page’s intended audience is dental professionals who are looking for more information on specific procedures. Others include those who need to complete courses to satisfy their continuing education requirements.

Crest + Oral B for Dental Professionals LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy

The page is a good example of the value of knowing your audience. It doesn’t have a huge number of followers. But, the content it is sharing with those followers is particularly relevant and useful.

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