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Lion Brand Yarn Educates Consumers with Video

By May 11, 2016January 20th, 2021Community, Content Marketing

Video marketing has quickly become an integral part of content marketing. Experts believe video will take up 57 percent of consumer internet traffic, almost four times as much web browsing and email. By 2018, that number is expected to hit 79 percent.

Lion Brand Yarn, a popular product for knitters and crocheters, is taking its investment in video marketing seriously.

Rather than just promoting skeins of yarn or knitting needles, the company shows its consumers how to use their products through video. As part of its online Learning Center, Lion Brand Yarn has dozens of videos that consumers can watch.

Here’s what makes the brand’s video marketing standout:

  • Mass appeal

The videos available on the company website offer a wide array of tutorials, tips and advice for every skill level. If a beginner comes to the site looking to learn the basics of knitting, he or she will find the same amount of quality videos as a veteran knitter looking to knit socks for their grandchildren.

  • Providing inspiration

Lion Brand Yarns likely has a creative audience, but everyone needs some inspiration now and then. A ball of yarn isn’t worth much sitting in a basket, but if consumers can turn that ball of yarn into a scarf or a pair of gloves it instantly has value.

By providing inspiration and instruction the company ensures continued sales as consumers can actively use the products.

  • Quick videos

The videos in the Learning Center are broken into small snippets, which last around one minute. To keep videos on the shorter side, the brand only focuses on one specific instruction for each video.

Research shows this idea is the way to go. Shorter videos are best; with 75 percent of an audience watching an entire video if its length is between 30 seconds and one minute.

  • Leveraging social media

Lion Brand Yarn uses its social channels to share its videos. From its growing YouTube channel of 44,000+ subscribers to its Facebook page, the company reaches consumers with its videos through a variety of platforms.

  • Educating the audience

Lion Brand Yarn features its videos on YouTube, but there’s more than tutorials there. The brand has a great introductory video set on its YouTube homepage. The video features a fifth generation member of the business who talks about the family-owned company, its brand and the products its sells.

  • Getting creative

Did you know knitters are into yoga? Lion Brand Yarn uses the information it collects on its customers to create helpful videos that go beyond using their product. The company creates “Yoga for Knitters and Crocheters” and promotes them on their social channels.

This is a great addition to the video line. They’re not promotional, or highlighting a product, they simply add to the quality of life of the Lion Brand Yarn customer.

Through video marketing, this hobby brand is able to connect with its audience in a way that promotes products and sales, but also provides value to customers.