Describe yourself in 140 characters or less…

Mom to 2 littles, blogging my way through life. I love connecting with others and supporting small women owned businesses!

What originally attracted you to SponsoredTweets, and how did you find out about it?

I was up late one night nursing my newborn and was looking through pinterest. I found a pin to a blogger discussing ways they monetize. I read her site, learned about SponsoredTweets and signed up immediately. I’m not sure how many folks sign up at 3am but hey, better late than never!

What do you love most about Twitter?

The transparency and ability to contact ANYONE. You can find other bloggers, chat with brands, find other zombie moms who are making it through the day with caffeine just like me.

Finish this: Without Twitter I would…

not find out about major news stories. (True statement. We ditched cable tv at home so most of our news comes through my twitter feed. I learned about Michael Jackson’s passing there first!)

What do you feel encourages engagement with your audience?

The fact that I’m a real mom. I chat about every day triumphs & troubles. As a small business owner, I also love connecting with other small business owners and love helping them when I can.

How do you make it easy to stay connected with your followers?

I’m available through so many channels – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Twitter & Instagram are my favorites (shhh, don’t tell Facebook!)

Whatʼs your preferred blend of tweets made up of: RTs, links, original content etc?

I RT things I have read & liked (blog posts, funny statements) and what you read is 100% me. My tweets are my voice.

Any advice for Tweeters new to SponsoredTweets?

Keep at it. Don’t be afraid to decline opportunities that don’t fit what you might talk about. And don’t be afraid to steadily increase your price per tweet!

What do you love about IZEA and SponsoredTweets?

I love that I can write the sponsored tweet with my style. I can include my sense of humor and still help the brand out.

Finish this: A tweet a day…

is too little. I push out more like 30!!!

Congratulations to Melissa! Check her out at @Melissa_Dell!