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Scott Levy – @FuelOnline

By October 4, 2012February 7th, 2017Community

Sponsored Tweets Influencer of the Month

1. Describe yourself in 140 characters or less…
Passionate about what I do. Love to motivate & inspire others. Take great pride in exceeding expectations.

2. What originally attracted you to Sponsored Tweets, and how did you find out about it?
The opportunity to earn money for doing something I love (Tweeting) while bringing carefully selected content/sponsors to my audience

3. What do you love most about Twitter?
I love the fact that I obtain instant breaking news & information faster than any other source I’ve ever known. I also love the engagement & interaction I have with my followers. Most of all I love the ability to answer questions, help people, & inspire. It’s a great way for me to represent my Social Media & SEO firm http://www.FuelOnline.CO yet at the same time share my personality & life with others.

4. Finish this: Without Twitter I would…
Not really sure, it’s amazing how fast we adapt to new technologies and they rapidly become a staple and part of society.

5. What do you feel encourages engagement with your audience?
Engagement is crucial, I’m constantly preaching this to others. There are so many opportunities such as asking questions (crowd sourcing), offering tips, ideas, suggestions, replying to other peoples thoughts and tweets. Heck I even get a lot of replies when I tweet the lyrics of a song I am enjoying at that moment, people can really identify with that.

6. What do you do to market yourself, and get new followers?
Generally I like to stand naked on the side of the highway with a sign that says Please FOLLOW ME! Seems to work?

7. What’s your preferred blend of tweets made up of: RTs, links, original content etc?
While Retweeting is important and a great way to meet people, get in front of them etc. Original content is most important. Share your opinions, ideas, and advice. If you’re a plumber then share plumbing advice and tips. Bottom line is you need fresh content daily in order to not become stagnant and to stay on your followers radar. The more you tweet quality stuff the greater your chances of getting Retweeted are and acquiring new followers.

8. Who are some of your must follows?
Scott Levy – @FuelOnline .. I mean come on did you expect someone else? I’m very picky about how and what I use Twitter for. I follow people who are industry experts & thought leaders, as well as a lot of news sources and magazines who produce quality content. So who I follow may not be right for you. But I do suggest everyone follow @AP, @CNNBRK, @BreakingNews, & @FoxNews – it’s important to stay current.

9. What do you love about IZEA and Sponsored Tweets?
I love that it’s another opportunity to earn doing something I love. I’m picky about the sponsors and messages I accept, and love that I can select what’s appropriate for my followers.

10. Finish this: A tweet a day…
Keeps the sock monster away

Congratulations, Scott! Follow him @FuelOnline.