About a year ago we posed the question, “What companies do you engage with via Social Media?” and received some decent feedback. So now in an effort to add some pizzazz to our main company blog (the one you’re reading now) we’d like to know some good examples of company blogs, including some of the company blogs you read on a regular basis, and why.

Is it:

  • To get inside information about the company?
  • To get product/service updates?
  • To connect with and learn more about the company’s staff/team?
  • To snag info directly from the company’s CEO?
  • To hear about contests, sweepstakes, or other promotions?

Right now the IZEA blog aims to be informative (news & information on product releases, enhancements, and updates), entertaining (series like “Cheeky Tweets”) and current (industry trends). But we’d like to hear what you would like to see from the IZEA blog in 2010. Would you like a more simpler writing style (or perhaps more complex)? Tips on how to earn more money through the IZEA platforms? More video posts? More posts from our CEO Ted Murphy?

Let us hear by dropping a comment in this post or Tweeting at us at @IZEA! After all, we’re here for our Community….