Are you ready for your 6 minutes of fame?

Sure, it’s normally 15 minutes, but this is social media and if you haven’t figured it out yet we do things a little differently here. If you’re ready to jump into the spotlight and let the social media world know you’ve finally “arrived” then IZEAFest is your opportunity. So whether you’re already registered for IZEAFest or this is the one thing you were waiting for to take that final step, now’s your chance.

Saturday, October 3rd:


Here’s how it’s gonna work:

Tell us what you’re up to and why you want six minutes of fame at IZEAFest. Leave a comment in this post or a link to a blog post you’ve written.  There are only eight (8) slots available. I will be hand picking the best entries.

  • Startups welcome. Want to pitch a new website, widget or other social media tool? If it is cool enough we will take a look.
  • Deadline for entries is Friday, September 4th.

Be sure to include:

  • Your differentiator. What makes you different from the millions of other bloggers and tweeters out there?
  • References. Please provide at least two references that will vouch for your awesomeness.

I’m looking forward to hearing from tomorrow’s stars!

Register for IZEAFest.