PayPerPost v4.0 Alpha

By April 15, 2009June 3rd, 2019Community

I am pleased to announce that we released the alpha of PPP v4.0 today. Version 4.0 is a complete rewrite of PayPerPost from the ground up. We have taken the past three years of your feedback and created what I believe to be the fastest and easiest to use marketplace out there. It is nothing like the current PayPerPost or anything else for that matter.

Advertisers will get more control over the blogs they work with. Bloggers will never have to fight for an opportunity again. Both parties will get the benefit of a flexible yet straight forward rating system. It’s really exciting for us and I think you will be excited too.


We have given out alpha keys to a few bloggers. We are sure there are bugs to iron out before releasing it to the masses but we hope to get there in the coming weeks. If you would like an alpha key after the first round please drop a comment here.